Scan Command Reference

Scans the tables of left and right database for differences.

This is the complete command reference. For background explanations please check the scan tutorial.


Usage: rubyrep scan [options] [table_spec] [table_spec] ...

table_spec can be either:

  • a specific table name (e. g. ‘users’) or
  • a pair of (specific) table names (e. g.: ‘users,users_backup’) (In this case the first table in the ‘left’ database is compared with the second table in the ‘right’ database.)
  • a regular expression (e. g. ‘/^user/’) [case insensitive match]


  • -s, --summary[=detailed] Print the number of differences of each table. Either totals only, e. g.    left_table / right_table [differences] or    left_table / right_table [conflicts] [left_only records] [right_only records]
  • -d, --detailed[=mode] Print the number of differences of each table. E. g.    left_table / right_table [differences] followed by a full dump of the differences in the YAML format. The ‘mode’ argument determines how the row differences are printed:
    • full shows the full records
    • keys shows the primary key columns only
    • diff shows the primary key and differing columsn only
  • -b, --progress-bar[=length] Show the progress of the table scanning process as progress bar with the specified length.
  • -c, --config=CONFIG_FILE Mandatory. Path to configuration file.
  • --help Show a summary of the command line options