Sync Command Reference

Syncs the differences between matching tables of ‘left’ and ‘right’ database. This is the complete command reference. For background explanations please check the sync tutorial.

Note If this looks very similar to the scan command then because it is.
The command line options are exactly the same.


Usage: rubyrep sync [options] [table_spec] [table_spec] ...

table_spec can be either:

  • a specific table name (e. g. ‘users’) or
  • a pair of (specific) table names (e. g.: ‘users,users_backup’) (In this case the first table in the ‘left’ database is compared with the second table in the ‘right’ database.)
  • a regular expression (e. g. ‘/^user/’) [case insensitive match]


  • -s, --summary[=detailed] Print the number of differences of each table. Either totals only, e. g.    left_table / right_table [differences] or    left_table / right_table [conflicts] [left_only records] [right_only records]
  • -d, --detailed[=mode] Print the number of differences of each table. E. g.    left_table / right_table [differences] followed by a full dump of the differences in the YAML format. The ‘mode’ argument determines how the row differences are printed:
    • full shows the full records
    • keys shows the primary key columns only
    • diff shows the primary key and differing columsn only
  • -b, --progress-bar[=length] Show the progress of the table scanning process as progress bar with the specified length.
  • -c, --config=CONFIG_FILE Mandatory. Path to configuration file.
  • --help Show a summary of the command line options