Sync hooks

Sync hooks are custom behavior that can be execute before or after a table sync. Relevant options:

  • :before_table_sync
  • :after_table_sync

S‌Q‌L Statements as sync hook

In it’s simplest form, the hook can simply execute an SQL command (E. g. to disable /enable referential constraints, etc.). Example:

config.include_tables 'emp',
  :before_table_sync => "SET foreign_key_checks = 0",
  :after_table_sync => "SET foreign_key_checks = 1"

Ruby code as sync hook

For more freedom, ruby code can be executed during the hook. Example:

config.include_tables 'emp',
  :before_table_sync => lambda {|helper| 
    $stderr.puts "Hook called for #{helper.left_table}."

For more information, please refer to the RDoc